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10 golden rules for beating that sickness without pills

In hopes they may be useful to others, here are 10 rules to try to live by to stay cheerful. Perhaps they will help you formulate your own set of successful living rules.

1.Put up an iron wall against feeling depressed. That's tough for many people, but it's essential. Do not allow yourself feel down. Determine to be tough, if you can. At the first sign of the blues, fight. Do something. Do something productive

2.Start each day with a happy, fast-rhythm song. Make up your own, if you like. Sing as loud and convincingly as you can. Or sing silently, in your head. It's self-hypnosis. The song should drum into you what a great day it is -- a day you can choose to fill with smiles or with tears.

3.Think productively. Don't allow destructive or angry thoughts. Don't allow medications to dominate you. Despite the consequences.

4.Think more about other people, and less about yourself. When we're suffering hardships, it's all too easy to overlook the effect we're having on those around us. When someone asks how we feel, it's tempting to tell them the truth.

5.Do all you can to help yourself. Don't rely on others when you don't have to. They have their own responsibilities. Besides, you are better equipped to deal with you than anyone else

6.Joke about being old, if you wish. But don't admit, even to yourself, you feel old. Keep the mind young by keeping it active. Associate with people younger than yourself.

7.Make the rest of your life useful to others. Being upbeat is a deliberate choice that can become a habit. But it takes work, and I believe a sense of community can help us all over some of the rough spots.

8.Learn somethingDoing something new and succeeding at it is uplifting. Besides which, it keeps your mind off your other problems.

9.Don't do anything you don't have to do unless it's fun. What's the point? That doesn't mean avoiding things that are difficult. If you enjoy doing something you will do it well, it will not be a chore, it will be satisfying

10.Lastly and maybe most important is Nike's old slogan: JUST DO IT!

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