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10 Tips to Reduce Alzheimer Wandering

There are many reasons for someone with Alzheimer's disease to wander. Here

are tips to help caregivers keep their loved ones safe.

1) Be prepared. There's no way to predict who will wander or when, or how it might happen. The best advice is to register a loved one in the

2) Encourage movement and exercise. Make a shared exercise, such as walking, part of your daily routine together, and allow the person with Alzheimer's disease access to a safe, enclosed area.

3) Be objective. Dont take the person's wandering behavior personally.

4) Be aware of hazards. Places that look safe might be dangerous for someone with Alzheimer's disease. Look in and around your home for potential hazards such as fences and gates, bodies of water, pools, dense foliage, bus stops, steep stairways, high balconies and roadways where there is heavy trafficand change what you can or block access.

5) Secure the living area. Do what you can to make your home safe and secure. Place locks out of the normal line of visioneither very high or very low on doors. Use doorknobs that prevent the person with Alzheimer's from opening the door. 


6) Communicate with the person. Regularly remind and reassure the person with Alzheimer's that you know how to find them and that he's in the right

7) Identify the person. Have the person wear a Safe Returnidentification bracelet or necklace.Place identification on shoes, keys and eyeglasses, and in wallet and handbags.

8) Involve the neighbors. Inform your neighbors of your loved one's condition and keep a list of their names and phone numbers handy.

9) Involve the police. Some police departments will keep a photo and fingerprints of people with Alzheimer's on file.

10) Be prepared for other modes of wandering. Although most wandering takes place on foot, some people with Alzheimer's have been known to drive hundreds of miles sometimes in a vehicle that belongs to someone else. Prevent this problem by keeping car keys out of sight or temporarily

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