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Non Skid / Slip Grip Hospital Socks For Women - 3 Pack

Non Skid / Slip Grip Hospital Socks For Women - 3 Pack

New! Two-Tone anti slip Slipper Socks for women give you the comfort of our originals with a modernized look. Ultra-soft polyester chenille with skid resistant treads. Three-Pack has one pair each: Blue, Violet & Black. Irresistible skid and slip resistant hospital socks with treads or grips(gripper socks)! Skid-resistant and slip-resistant slipper sock treads for safer wheelchair transfer. These womens non slip footwear slipper socks are terrific for patients in hospitals, post surgery, nursing homes and retirement homes. Great for comfortable casual use in the home and for home care settings. Warm fuzzy comfort made with acrylic and stretch yarns. Machine washable for convenience. These non slippery gripper bed socks for women are a welcome gift for hospital and home care settings!

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Silvert\'s has designed a Clothing By Needs section for caregivers and patients who require clothing, apparel and footwear for care home, nursing home, hospice and palliative care settings

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