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Business Name: Dr Derek Miller
Description: Dr Derek Miller is a Renal Physician in private practice.He manages one of the biggest private dialysis units in the centre of Cape Town, and is able to offer renal replacement therapy of the highest quality.
Physical address 2: BURNHAM ROAD
Postal Code: 7800
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Website: http://www.dialysis.co.za/

Business Name: 02 Respiratory Health
Description: rnOxygen is the most abundant chemical element, by mass, in our biosphere, air, sea and land. We aim to be South Africa's Premier home-care provider. Providing service and product solutions for home users, professional health services and health professionals.rnCustomer satisfaction is out highest priorityrn
Physical address 1: Brackenfell
Physical address 2: Western Cape
City: Cape Town
Postal Code: 7551
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Website: http://www.o2health.co.za/

Business Name: AventZ (Pty) Ltd
Description: ArthiCure™ is rehabilitative exercise putty for the fingers, hands and forearms.rn rnThe need for appropriate and progressive hand and finger exercises has become essential. If one neglects to strengthen the hand opening muscles, grip strength, stability and performance will be limited. The advances in technology have led to a society which is reliant on the repetitive gripping of smart phones, computers and so forth. Furthermore, such exercises are vital when one looks at the increased popularity of grip-dependent sports (rugby, golf, tennis, hockey, gymnastics, extreme sports, biking etc.), music (guitars, piano, drums, DJ’s etc.), grip-dependent hobbies (gardening, artists, sewing etc.) as well as the ergonomic endeavours of the work place (dentists, carpenters, cashiers, hairstylists, massage therapists etc.).rn rnDaily repetitive gripping causes the hand closing muscles to become chronically shortened and dominant in comparison to the static nature of the hand opening muscles. This creates a chronic muscle imbalance that affects the fingers, thumbs, hands, wrists, carpal tunnel, forearm and elbow. This imbalance may lead to Repetitive Stress Injuries (RSI’s) such as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, De Quarvains Syndrome, Dupuytren’s Contracture, Blackberry Thumb, as well as Tennis/Golfers Elbow.rn rnArthriCure™ provides a complete, convenient and cost effective hand and finger exercise program which promotes natural biomechanics that maximise the strength, balance and circulation to all fingers, hands and lower arm tissues. It stimulates the peripheral nerves to the hand and helps prevent injuries by exercising all of the muscles which are present in the fingers, hands and forearms. This includes the 9 muscles responsible for opening the hand (consisting of the finger extensor and finger abductor muscles located on the back of the hand, wrist and elbow) as well as the 9 muscles responsible for closing the hand (consisting of the finger flexor and finger adductor located on the front part of the hand, wrist and elbow).rnArthriCure™ is specifically formulated 3in1 resistances: Soft, Medium & Hard.
Physical address 1: Postnet Suite 319
Physical address 2: Private Bag X2
City: Helderkruin
Postal Code: 1733
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Website: http://www.arthricure.co.za

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