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Eating Well as a senior


We should think about our diet as we get older. There are so many different diets that this is not the place to go into them. In any event, we are not saying that you ‘have to go on a diet’.

What we are saying is that we should be careful not to increase our food and drink intake in retirement and that it is worth making sure that we eat fairly healthily. So eat your portions of fruit and vegetables every day and try not to eat too much fatty food. At our old ge, we have sufficient common sense to know what is sensible and what is over the top. Don’t go over the top too often!There are lots of good low fat or no fat cookbooks around and in almost any health shop or chemist you can pick up leaflets about various types of healthy food.

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Some healthy tips to help you get started:

• More fruit and vegetables – five portions per day.

• More starchy foods - bread, pasta, cereal and potatoes - in order for us to maintain our energy levels.

• More fibre that can help protect us from heart disease and bowel cancer

• Less fat and fatty foods. On the other hand, oily fish is good for the brain and heart.

• Fewer salty foods. Processed food tends to have a lot of salt in, so fresh food, cooked from first principles, is better.

• Fewer sugary foods and drinks.


Eating healthily can also save you money! Buying food that you have to cook yourself, rather than buying stuff that has been prepared and cooked for you by someone else, is usually cheaper.


Other ways that following healthy eating advice can be cheaper include:

• Making a casserole rather than buying more expensive items such as chops

• Making a casserole or stew using less meat and adding another source of protein such as red kidney beans instead

• Serving larger portions of bread, pasta or rice with smaller portions of meat or fish

Doing some exercise and eating and drinking sensibly are the keys to staying fit and healthy.Why not grow your own vegetables if you have a garden? In that way, you will be getting some exercise and fresh air and also reducing the salt in your diet which comes from packaged and processed food. You might even enjoy the satisfaction of growing your own food!


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