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Exercise Leads to Healthy Aging

Exercise is Important for Healthy Aging

As we age, our bodies go through a number of natural degenerative changes. This is why aging and exercise become so important. With exercise we can counter these changes to stimulate and maintain your function level, mobility, and your overall health. We may not be able to engage in the same sports with the same vigor as when we were younger, but there are many ways to keep fit. The bottom line is that you are never too old to exercise. As you age, your muscles, bones, and joints go through a number of changes that will lead to decreased mobility and functionality without a proper exercise regimen.


These changes include:

  • Decrease in muscle size
  • Decrease in water content around muscle tendon means increased stiffness
  • Loss in the ability of heart muscle to propel blood quickly through the body
  • Decrease in metabolism
  • Increase risk of fracture
  • Degeneration of cartilage leads to arthritis
  • Decrease elasticity of ligaments and connective tissue means reduced flexibility
  • Inflammation of our joints occurs
  • Decreased elasticity and flexibility means loss in our range of motion


Regular exercise has shown to be an important element in preventing some medical conditions, including high blood pressure and heart and lung disease. Cardiovascular and strength training can also help seniors improve their balance and become more flexible, preventing common slips and falls and speeding up the recovery period from such injuries.


For some great vidoes on exercising click here.

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