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Business Name: AventZ (Pty) Ltd
Description: ArthiCure™ is rehabilitative exercise putty for the fingers, hands and forearms.rn rnThe need for appropriate and progressive hand and finger exercises has become essential. If one neglects to strengthen the hand opening muscles, grip strength, stability and performance will be limited. The advances in technology have led to a society which is reliant on the repetitive gripping of smart phones, computers and so forth. Furthermore, such exercises are vital when one looks at the increased popularity of grip-dependent sports (rugby, golf, tennis, hockey, gymnastics, extreme sports, biking etc.), music (guitars, piano, drums, DJ’s etc.), grip-dependent hobbies (gardening, artists, sewing etc.) as well as the ergonomic endeavours of the work place (dentists, carpenters, cashiers, hairstylists, massage therapists etc.).rn rnDaily repetitive gripping causes the hand closing muscles to become chronically shortened and dominant in comparison to the static nature of the hand opening muscles. This creates a chronic muscle imbalance that affects the fingers, thumbs, hands, wrists, carpal tunnel, forearm and elbow. This imbalance may lead to Repetitive Stress Injuries (RSI’s) such as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, De Quarvains Syndrome, Dupuytren’s Contracture, Blackberry Thumb, as well as Tennis/Golfers Elbow.rn rnArthriCure™ provides a complete, convenient and cost effective hand and finger exercise program which promotes natural biomechanics that maximise the strength, balance and circulation to all fingers, hands and lower arm tissues. It stimulates the peripheral nerves to the hand and helps prevent injuries by exercising all of the muscles which are present in the fingers, hands and forearms. This includes the 9 muscles responsible for opening the hand (consisting of the finger extensor and finger abductor muscles located on the back of the hand, wrist and elbow) as well as the 9 muscles responsible for closing the hand (consisting of the finger flexor and finger adductor located on the front part of the hand, wrist and elbow).rnArthriCure™ is specifically formulated 3in1 resistances: Soft, Medium & Hard.
Physical address 1: Postnet Suite 319
Physical address 2: Private Bag X2
City: Helderkruin
Postal Code: 1733
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Website: http://www.arthricure.co.za

Business Name: Fizzeo Healthcare
Description: We offer a rnage of individual and advanced  services.rn rnGP, Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, Biokinetics, Advanced Physical Rehabilitation, Subacute Home Care, Home Therapy and Patient Transport.rn rnWe are able to customise our service to the need of the patient after an in-depth initial assessment of the patients diagnosis and requirements.  The patient and famuily has full control over the extent and cost of our service.rn rnQuality healthcare, affordable and convenient.
Physical address 1: 20 Central Avenue
Physical address 2: Ground Floor
City: Kempton Park
Postal Code: 1618
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Website: http://www.fizzeo.co.za

Business Name: Marnin Romm Physiotherapy
Description: Marnin completed his Masters in Pain at King`s College London. Prior to his MSc (Pain: Science and Society), he qualified as a Physiotherapist at Wits University and also completed an Honours degree in Clinical Psychology. All these degrees Marnin completed with distinction and Cum Lade. Within the UK, Marnin worked in a number of pain clinics and also set up and managed various pain management programmes in a number of hospitals and private clinics. Marnin has been a lecturer in the Wits Physiotherapy department where he has lecturedundergraduate and postgraduate students on pain management, OMT and sports. He also was the MSc Pain management producer at Wits University. Marnin currently has a private practice where he treats a multitude of complex, chronic and acute pain conditions as well as other medically related conditions. He also provides physiotherapy services in various geriatric clinics in Pretoria and Johannesburg. Marnin has been interested in pain and its management for many years and this grew further whilst practicing as a physiotherapist in numerous hospital settings and outpatient departments/practices in South Africa. Whilst still loving the clinical setting, he is extremely passionate about the academic world; pain research and lecturing on the topic to all health care professionals. Within the UK, Marnin has been interviewed on the topic of chronic pain by numerous BBC radio stations. Marnin is currently starting up his PhD which focuses on the management of complex regional pain syndrome; an area which he has specialised in for the past few years.\r\n​\r\n
Physical address 1: 96 William Rd
Physical address 2: Norwood
City: Johannesburg
Postal Code: 2192
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Business Name: Rina (JC) Otto Physiotherapy
Description:   RINA (JC) OTTO PHYSIOTHERAPY 42 Goedehoop Ave, Brackenfell, Cape Town +2782 415 9869 RINA OTTO practises in the northern suburbs of Cape Town. Rina is a fully qualified and HPCSA registered professional who renders a specialised VIP PHYSIOTHERAPY SERVICE that harnesses 30years of experience and multiple post-graduate certifications to provide a health care service which is: compassionate and friendly highly skilled quality unique individualised patient focused effective and efficient results producing speaks of experience in a variety of clinical fields treating the patient who is mature in years, and often young at heart! To experience an immense difference in your functional quality of life, Rina can determine accurately how you can receive the greatest benefit from her service. She will provide provide you with any or more of the following physiotherapy services: assessment, consultation, treatment home programme prevention programme painful mobility and functional restrictions prescription of mobility and postural aids and follow up care Rina invites you to contact her if you are in need of advice or care regarding any or more of the following: PAIN STIFFNESS BALANCE AND CO-ORDINATION POSTURE RESTRICTED MOBILITY, DIFFICULTY WALKING STROKE, PARKINSON'S OR OTHER NEUROLOGY DISEASE ARTHRITIS OR ANY OTHER CONDITION ENDING WITH "...ITIS" GENERAL AGE-APPROPRIATE FITNESS BREATHING, LUNG PROBLEMS, FLU, ASTHMA, BRONCHITIS FUNCTIONING OF YOUR BODY URINARY AND FECAL INCONTINENCE AND OTHER BLADDER PROBLEMS CONSTIPATION AND DIARRHOEA   TAKE ACTION NOW! DON'T WAIT ANY LONGER! THERE IS NO NEED TO SUFFER UNNECESSARILY! Phone Rina Otto Physiotherapist now for an appointment Cell: 082 415 9869 Tel: 021 981 3819 OPTIMISE YOUR QUALITY OF LIFE AND GENERAL WELL-BEING!
Physical address 1: 42 Goedehoop Ave
Physical address 2: Brackenfell
City: Cape Town
Postal Code: 7560
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Website: http://physiosa.tripod.com

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