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Staying Mentally Fit

The brain is like the body: If you don't use it you lose it. Therefore, if we are going to keep mentally fit, we need to exercise the brain and keep it active.

There are basically two ways in which to do this:

Undertake some form of continuing, or adult, education. This doesn't have to be academic, but it does mean learning something new, in order to keep the brain working.
Having a hobby, or hobbies, that requires us to use our brain. For example, playing bridge or a similar type of card game is a good way to keep the mind working.


There is, of course, an overlap between the two. For example, learning to play a musical instrument is a hobby, but you are also learning something new, so the distinction between the two is blurred. However, it doesn't really matte. What does matter is that we keep our brain active and working!

As we have discussed above, there is a blurring of the distinction between hobbies and education in some instances. However, if we think about education as receiving some form of input from an external source, there are many organisations to which we can go to get some form of education. Some of them are as follows:

Adult Education Classes.

This heading covers a multitude of avenues. Basically, however, we're talking about day and evening courses at your local college. Unfortunately, a lot of the funding has been removed from adult education, so those purely 'recreational' classes are now not as common as they were. However, they are still out there and there will be an FE College near you. Do a Google search on 'Further Education Colleges' and add the area of the country that you live in, to find a list of institutions in the further education sector and then you can click on the one closest to you to see what they have to offer.



There are all sorts of hobbies that will keep your brain active and it is worthwhile thinking about them if you don't want to do any continuing education. We need to do something to keep mentally fit, so a hobby or pastime is a way of doing so and enjoying ourselves at the same time. to put a list of all the hobbies that will keep you mentally alert would take far too long.

So here are just a few generic groupings to help get you thinking:Board games, Crosswords, Sudoku Puzzles, Jigsaws, Learning a musical instrument, Learning any new skill, Arts and crafts, Creative hobbies such as writing and painting Genealogy and other hobbies that enable you to 'discover' things, Local history, Research, Cards - especially bridge and Quizzes

Remember, too, that voluntary work will almost certainly keep your brain working as will getting out and about and meeting people. Activities such as planning your own holiday rather than leaving it to a travel agent will help (and probably save you money!) so think of other things that you can do yourself rather than letting someone else do it for you. 


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